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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Words the Dictionary Desperately Needs

My own contributions to the internet’s ever expanding vocabulary. Wayne is not a real person, but he is based on one. You know who you are, Bart.

  1. Reccofail- A terrible recommendation from a friend.

    "Dwayne suggested we watch Weekend at Bernies II, but it was another reccofail. What a wank."
  1. Judgerview- After making a poor recommendation (i.e., for a book, movie, restaurants, swinger's club), you forever judge that person for liking it to begin with.

    "Dwayne is such a freak. He suggested we watch Azz Blasters 12 in 3-D at the Multiplex. I can't even look at him anymore, my judgerview is always on around him."
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