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Monday, July 15, 2013

Bud the Crud

I realize that I’m probably the single worst blogger on the face of the earth, but it’s not entirely my fault. Apparently, I have very little to say and rather than bore you with pictures of what I ate for breakfast (a granola bar, large bottle of Mountain Dew, and some weird looking pills I found in the back of my desk drawer), I decided to not post until I had some news.
So, for the two people reading this—mom and that kid who sat across from me in Spanish II—here’s some exciting news that is sure to change your reality, improve your posture, and cure that strange noise you make while peeing.
I received the galley for Bud the Crud and am in the process of doing the final revisions. I’m hopeful we’ll see the book in print in the next few months (maybe sooner). Also, for those jonsing for some vampire guppy action, a copy of the book will appear in Walter Knight’s upcoming release ‘Zombie Missouri’ (Penumbra Publishing). Come for the vampiric fish, stay for the southern zombies.