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Thursday, October 17, 2013

News Flash: Furlough Ends...Until January!

The big headline this morning is the end of the furlough. I'm back at work, commiserating with my co-workers about the most stressful vacation ever had and left trying to decipher a list of things to do I wrote when I was clearly experiencing some sort of black-out.

But what's not being said is that this resolution is only temporary. I'll quote CNN because if you're relying on this blog for reliable news, you clearly are being held in some Saw-like dungeon, "The country will now be funded through January 15, and the debt cushion has been extended through February 7."

What this means is that unless Congress can come to some sort of agreement, we may very well go through this again. In less than 90 days.

Big deal...government workers still got paid, you might be saying shortly before I kick you in the shins. Let me put this in SAT terms:

The 16 days off was to a vacation what a Vietnamese prison camp is to a spa.

This is going to sting, but it's going to make your skin just glow!

I spent my time worried sick about money, realizing my true uselessness as a homeowner and a man, and coming to terms with my own self-worth (it can apparently only be seen with an electron microscope).

And it looks like this.

And now I'm back at work tackling projects that just don't seem as high profile and critical as they did before and trying to find some stability in a world of government work that apparently doesn't exist. .

Whew, that's a downer of a way to end a blog entry so here's a picture of a puppy and a duckling: