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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Name and Shame

In a previous post, I referred to Republicans as possessing "ball sucking" qualities. This generated the highest volume of responses I've had from this blog-- two. One from a self-professed 'loud and proud homosexual" who objected to my association of the beautiful act of testicular worship with the Republican party and the other email came from my conservative uncle Milton who replied simply, "You suck balls."

Both make excellent points.  The Republican Party does not suck balls. The Tea Party, on the other hand, would suck balls but they would first have to 1) get their heads out of their asses and then 2) remove their foots.

32 members of the Tea Party are collectively responsible for the government stalemate that is occurring. These 32 people are responsible for the shutdown, for millions of jobs placed on hold, and for impending economic disaster. All over a health care bill that was already deemed constitutional by the US Supreme Court. You don't have to like it, but you do have to accept it.

In an effort to put the blame firmly where it belongs, let's go ahead and name those Tea Partiers to make sure they never, ever get into office again.

Justin Amash
Home District: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Michele Bachmann
Home District: Stillwater, Minnesota

Marsha Blackburn
Home District: Brentwood, Tennessee

Mo Brooks
Home District: Huntsville, Alabama

Paul Broun
Home District: Athens, Georgia

John Carter
Home District: Round Rock, Texas

John Culberson
Home District: Houston, Texas

Ron DeSantis
Home District: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Scott DesJarlais
Home District: Jasper, Tennessee

Jeff Duncan
Home District: Laurens, South Carolina

John Fleming
Home District: Minden, Louisiana

Scott Garrett
Home District: Wantange Township, New Jersey

Phil Gingrey
Home District: Marietta, Georgia 
Louie Gohmert
Home District: Tyler, Texas

Tom Graves
Home District: Ranger, Georgia 

Vicky Hartzler
Home District: Harrisonville, Missouri

Tim Huelskamp
Home District: Fowler, Kansas

Jim Jordan
Home District: Urbana, Ohio 

Steve King
Home District: Kiron, Iowa

Raul Labrador
Home District: Eagle, Idaho

Tom Massie
Home District: Garrison, Kentucky

Tom McClintock
Home District: Elk Grove, California 

Mark Meadows
Home District: Cashier, North Carolina 

Randy Neugebauer
Home District: Lubbock, Texas

Matt Salmon
Home District: Mesa, Arizona

Mark Sanford
Home District: Charleston, South Carolina

Steve Scalise
Home District: Jefferson, Louisiana 

Dave Schweikert
Home District: Fountain Hills, Arizona

Steve Stockman
Home District: Clear Lake, Texas 

Marlin Stutzman
Home District: Howe, Indiana

Randy Weber
Home District: Pearland, Texas

Ted Yoho
Home District: Gainesville, Florida

And let's not forget our good friend Ted Cruz and Mr. Boehner who have dutifully played the role of lube boy on the set of "Let's Ream America."

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