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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ten words of advice for loving a comic book nerd

Ten Words of Advice for Loving a Comic Book Nerd

1. Super heroes wear costumes, not outfits.
2. Likewise, a cape is not an accessory. It's badass.
3. Those aren't dolls in my room, they're action figures. And if you suggest opening and playing with them again, I swear to god I will leave you.
4. I'm thrilled you're reading one of my comic books, but if you bend the cover back I will tear out what's left of my hair.
5. Yes, Thor is a very handsome man. He's also the God of Thunder. Focus.
6. That guy at the comic book store you were making fun of is coming over to dinner. He owns a full run of X-Men. I worship him as a god, stained sweat pants and all.
7. It's Stan Lee. Not Stanley. Lee is his last name. If you remember nothing else, let it be this.
8. I will never go to a Ben Affleck movie with you. And if you have to ask why, I will openly question our love.
9. If I put on a tux and go to your cousin's wedding, you can wear one gold bikini and go with me to comic con.
10. If you don't question my packages from Ebay, I won't say anything about yours from Amazon.

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